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May 8, 2017

Will your Business Benefit From a Virtual PA?

When running a business often huge projects and responsibilities get in the way of organising your emails, arranging meetings and keeping up to date with your tax, insurance and employee benefits. With a virtual personal assistant, your business can continue to flourish and evolve while you let your very own personal assistant take charge of the administration.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, Bespoke Support Network has put together a list of reasons why your business needs to hire a virtual PA.


As virtual assistants who often work from home they will have flexible working hours, meaning you can usually be in contact with them outside of normal working hours. This flexibility also gives you the chance to hire a virtual assistant that suits your needs as a business.

virtalpa-2178566_960_720Highly Skilled

 Virtual PAs are extremely organised and have a number of skills including competence in Microsoft programs, time management and dedication. With a virtual personal assistant they are able to offer you all these skills and take on the work you give them to save you time.

Good virtual PAs like the team used here at Bespoke Support Network will have been trained to manage your diary with precision and so there’s no need to train them.

Cost Effective

When you hire a virtual personal assistant you only pay for the hours they are productive, which means you don’t pay for the hours wasted by toilet and coffee breaks! In the long run, with a virtual PA you will ultimately save the money you would spend on hiring a physical personal assistant!

Space Saving

Don’t start clearing a spare desk just yet! By hiring a virtual assistant you needn’t make space in your office for the extra worker as they are as it says in the title ‘virtual’! Virtual PAs will work from their own home office and use their own computers, meaning you save money on any extra equipment you may have to buy.

Interested in hiring a virtual personal assistant for your business? Here at Bespoke Support Network we have a number of clients providing virtual PA services in Essex and London. Our team will put you in touch with the virtual PA most suited to your businesses’ specific needs and requirements and then it’s over to you!

To find out more information about our virtual PAs, call 0300 303 3441 and speak to our friendly team.


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