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    Wait… It’s Father’s Day this Sunday? Remember Important Occasions with a Virtual PA

    June 18, 2017

June 18, 2017

Wait… It’s Father’s Day this Sunday? Remember Important Occasions with a Virtual PA

Perhaps you have stumbled across this blog in the desperate hope to find last minute Father’s Day gifts. Well, unfortunately we can’t help you in buying a wacky tie or box of chocolates but we can help you to remember any important events you have coming up when we put you in touch with one our quality virtual pa’s.

If you are particularly busy running your own business, it can hard to keep up to date with changes to events and important days alongside dealing with any business concerns.

We can put you in touch with a virtual PA who offers a host of different services including:

Diary Management

A virtual PA can use your existing diary or provide you with a brand new, online one to remind you of any important events coming up. Not only can they remind you of events, they can book appointments, arrange meetings and organize reservations with ease before adding these to your diary. Your personal assistant can also manage changes to your travel arrangements and business accommodation should you need it.

They are able to provide you with a daily itinerary by email a day in advance in order to supply with the right information for your busy day. This could be maps, route details, public transport times, as well as locations for events.

Event Management

If you’re planning a special event but cannot cope with the stress of event planning, why not enlist the help of an expert virtual PA? Each PA is has passed our due diligence standards and are experienced in managing events, from small seminars to large business conferences and even birthday parties! They’ll help you to source the venue, catering suppliers and audio visual equipment as well as sending out invitations.

Are you in need of a virtual personal assistant? Then maybe it’s time to speak to the team at Bespoke Support Network. We are able to put you in touch with the very best virtual PAs to suit your specific needs. Call 0300 303 3441 for more information.


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