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    Tax Support

Keeping (and staying) on track with your tax and knowing if you are paying the right amount can be difficult. Tax can depend on how much your income is and how much of it falls into each tax band, which a lot of people know nothing about. Paying too much is done easy but finding out and sorting anything that you believe is incorrect can be different, especially when working with the government. Fortunately for you, we have written down few tips to help with any questions you might have.

HMCR will write and inform you if you can appeal, giving you 30 days to go ahead with it. You can appeal against several decisions that involve tax bills, tax relief, requests for information and penalties. If you don’t agree with a tax decision it is always best to get help and speak to an adviser before going further with the HMRC. If you do want to appeal having an accountant and someone who knows what their doing can speed up the process and will help you fight your battle.

You can only appeal if you have been told so by the HMRC office and within that letter will be a form to complete and send back if you want. The form will give you space to write your name, tax number, explanation of why you disagree and what you think are the incorrect statics. These spaces must be filled in and signed in order for the form to go any further. After getting a response from HMRC its up to you whether you still disagree or not, in which you can then ask a tax tribunal for their opinion or ask the tax office to review their decision.

If you are interested in a review afterwards you can request one, once accepted it will be carried out by someone who hasn’t had anything to do with the case and knows nothing about it. The out come can then take up to 45 days or more but the office should let you know.

If your experiencing trouble with your tax or you feel the HMRC have got it wrong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an adviser who can help you out.