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    writing your will

August 3, 2017

It’s National Son’s and Daughter’s Day on the 11th August, Protect Your Children from Sideways Disinheritance.

National Son’s and Daughter’s Day: a time to celebrate the love for your children and the time you enjoy spending with them on a day to day basis.

It’s these celebrations that highlight the importance of putting measurements into place, should the unthinkable occur.

Studies have shown that nearly 60% of adults in the UK are yet to write a will, which considering the implications, is frightening. Having no will or an outdated document can have a serious impact on your family and more importantly, your children.

Could you imagine in the event of your death that your children end up with nothing from your estate?

This is called the Sideways Disinheritance Trap, which is something you should be aware of, especially if you have remarried. There are a number of families in the UK that are defined as ‘blended families’ where both parents might not be their birth parents. This could cause problems should you leave your estate to your partner, and they then remarry after your death leaving their estate to their new partner. Your children would then be disinherited.

The question is, how do you prevent your children from being disinherited?

First things first, it’s important to draft a new will once you have remarried. This will avoid any situation where you disinherit your children. It also gives you a chance to tweak certain things and help to protect your new spouse or partner.

Another way to protect your children, would be to leave your assets in a trust. A Life Interest Trust for example, will hold your assets until you pass. You can name someone to be your ‘Life Tennant’ who will be able to live in your property and gain any income generated by your assets. Once they pass, your estate will be passed down to your children.

One other option would be to create Mirror Wills. These are identical to your partner’s, therefore no matter who passes away first, your intentions will match each other’s.

If you are concerned as to whether your children will be protected in the event of your death, then Bespoke Support Network can help. We put you in touch with trusted professionals that will provide you with the service and guidance you need. Get in touch with our team by calling 0300 303 3441 today.




June 27, 2017

National Heart Week: Protecting Your Future

Did you know that recently (7th – 15th) it was National Heart Week? And if anything, this week has shocked us into taking more consideration about our heart and general wellbeing.

There are many factors that can put a strain on your heart; over indulgence, smoking and lack of exercise but to name a few. These factors can lead to many heart problems, which will cut your life short.

So how can you ensure your heart is healthy for the future?

  • It may sound obvious but exercise is the key to a healthy heart and healthy body in general. It doesn’t even have to be a chore, go on fun, little walks around your local area with a motivating playlist or take a class at your local gym with friends.
  • Eating Your Greens. For someone who’s never once thought about his or her heart’s health, it can be hard to hit your 5-a-day. But why not start with a daily fruit smoothie? Then keep yourself energized with some healthy snacks that are good for the heart such as carrot sticks or sliced apple.
  • Drink Water. It’s recommended that you drink 8 glasses of water each day. While it may not be everyone’s first choice of drink, water flushes the body of toxins, can improve the look of your skin and make you feel full to prevent you snacking as often.
  • Kicking Habits. We’re all prone to unhealthy behaviour, and we don’t want to be the people who tell you ‘you shouldn’t be smoking’ or ‘that McDonald’s is bad for you’. However, giving up these behaviours can help extend your life; in fact stopping smoking at 35 can add up to 10 years to your life. Giving up cigarettes has tons of other benefits such as giving you younger looking skin, improving your fertility, whiter teeth, fresher breath and prevent heart disease and lung cancer.
While we hope nothing like this should ever affect your family, raised awareness brings it to the forefront of our minds and it’s important to future proof.

Writing your will has never been so easy with our will expert’s help.

Bespoke Support Network Essex are encouraging all our clients to begin preparing their wills should disaster strike. Our team will put you in touch with trusted experts who can help.

To find out more information about our will writing services, call 0300 303 3441 and start protecting your family’s future.


April 28, 2017

Bespoke Support Network Talks: Protecting Your Will

When you decide to write your will, it’s not very often that you think about the possibility of this document being challenged by a member of your family once you pass. Therefore, it’s so important to take the time to write your will correctly and think about the consequences that it could have on certain family members.

Here at Bespoke Support Network we understand the issues that can arise should someone wish to challenge your will. We also understand how and why this could happen, so here are our tips to protecting your will from being contested.

  • First things first it’s important to word your will carefully. You need to make sure everything is clear and where necessary, it revokes any earlier wills you may have written.
  • If you want to exclude a certain family member or loved one you will want to provide detailed reasons as to why you have done so. This will help to protect your wishes should they want to contest your decision in the future. If needs be you could always prepare a ‘letter of wishes’, which can be used to explain the reasoning behind certain choices to someone if you wish to keep it private.wills-1854169_960_720
  • A very simple tip but crucial all the same is that you will need to make sure that your will meets the requirements of section 9 of the Wills Act 1837 and that it’s signed and witnessed correctly.
  • Where you can it’s important to minimise the risk of someone accusing you of being unduly influenced in the process of writing your will. To do so it helps if you arrange the appointment with the will writer yourself and ensure that when you go to each meeting and sign your will, no one that will benefit from your will is there at the time.
  • There could be questions raised should you be working beyond your means. Our advice is for your GP or doctor to provide written evidence as to your capacity, which will help to prevent issues arising in the future.

Here are just a few of the things you should remember when preparing your will. If you need some further advice or wish to write your will today, then get in touch with a member of our team at Bespoke Support Network.

March 16, 2017

Make an Inheritance Act Claim Today!

newspaper-154444_960_720Following a recent news story Bespoke Support Network wanted to highlight the importance of making an inheritance act claim at the time you need to, not when it’s too late.

In January 2014 Pauline Milbour died leaving behind an estate worth nearly £17 million. She left her husband, Leonard Milbour just £150,000, his daughter from a previous marriage Laurel Milbour was left nothing and her only child, Luanne Fresco was appointed as executor alongside her husband Carlos Fresco. At the time of the event Leonard chose not the to make a claim and unfortunately passed away later in the year, October 2014.

His daughter then chose to launch a claim in 2015 on behalf of her deceased father. This was bought under the s1(1)(a) section of the 1974 act, against Luanne fresco. Had the claim been successful it would have increased the value of Leonard’s estate, essentially increasing their benefit too. Because Mr Milbour had passed away after the claim was made it was up to the court to decide whether or not it could be brought at all.

However the claim wasn’t successful in being brought forward, as the right to make a claim under the Inheritance Act 1975 ends with the death of the individual. Alexander Learmouth TEP, the claimant’s representative commented “claims under the 1975 Act are not “causes of action” and do not survive the death of the applicant, even in the case of a spouse.”

The Inheritance Act 1975 has been put in place to protect you. This story is among many others where it has simply been left to late.

When you are writing your will it is important to factor in the effect it can have on your loved ones when you pass. If you are in a similar position to Leonard or your worried that your will needs to be updated, our experts can help.

The team at Bespoke Support Network can offer you a free advisory consultation and point you in the right direction. Call us today for more information.