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  • Mortgages

Mortgages can be as simple or complexed as you like them to be, however many people tend to get bogged down with the mechanics of it all. A mortgage is typically speaking the biggest financial burden any of us will take on, so, let’s make sure it done right! Whilst there are many types of mortgage from; Repayment, Interest only, tracker, buy to let and many more picking the correct one can be a real headache. The reality is that the mortgage market is very heavily regulated which means that you’re set to get a high level of service when you speak to an adviser.

Many people will simply use a comparison site or google to find what is the ‘headline rate’ and proceed shortly after with the data input and jump through all the hoops until you’re told something’s missing and it feels like it’s back to square one…. Sound familiar?

The purpose of sourcing a bespoke mortgage provider doesn’t mean it’ll incur more charges, time, ongoing costs or anything of that nature. Put simply, an adviser whom has access to the entire market place (Which WILL often include rates that can’t be sourced online) will ensure you have the best possible options to choose from, thus saving you money and time.

The misconception is that this carries extra costs, however, the adviser will always lay out your options transparently so you’re fully aware of where you’re saving money. That may be on the initial fee, from an ongoing payment, rate reduction or even a proactive service perspective.

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