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  •  How it works

Looking to grow your business? 

We run regular networking meetings all over England and soon we hope to expand to cover the UK.

Networking can exponentially grow your business. People want to buy from others, not a faceless corporation. As a result your business can massively benefit from placing a member of the team in a room from other like minded business. This is not so they will buy from you but they will refer your services to their friends and family, people who previously were inaccessible to you!

Growing your business with the repeat customers that a good networking group provides will ensure that your company will thrive. Business owners that do not build and maintain their network end up with sales decreasing and a manic scrabble to try and find new clients. So how do you avoid this? You create a referral network by building long term relationships with people you trust, like the approved members of the BSN networking association.

Looking for financial advice?

Bespoke Support Network has built you a solid, trusted platform to cope with all of your financial needs. Before we pass your details to any business, they are stress tested with our in-house due diligence, to ensure they’re a quality customer centric firm, who have your best interests in hand. Whether that is a chartered firm, family run business we ensure they are experts in their respective field, so you don’t have to spend the time researching yourself.

We have no particular affiliation to any firm, other than that they are the most suitable for you. We regularly review our providers to ensure their standards remain of the highest quality for you.

It seems a long time ago now when we didn’t just rely on Google search to answer our questions, and a bog standard comparison site for ‘who is the cheapest’. The internet is a phenomenal tool to stream line our busy lives, but we have all fallen prey to either buying or signing up to something which wasn’t quite what we wanted or expected. The Bespoke Support Network allows you to have a further streamlined approach to professional services, with a strict due diligence for each firm which means you speak to the best professional.

Online comparison sites work in a way to find you the cheapest online deal, often with in excess of a 20% commission for themselves. What if there was another ‘deal’ that was more cost efficient direct? When you make a claim, who do you speak with? Wouldn’t you want to know all the exclusions and understand the service transparently?

Our promise is that you will not pay any further fees once you’ve been put in touch with the best representative in any field. We help you take control of your finances by giving you a professional to speak or e-mail with that’ll support you every step of the way. We find that the personal approach goes a long way. If you are interesting in finding out more please do get in touch using the form below or by phoning us. 

Want to find out more?

Contact us for a bespoke service for your private or corporate accounting requirements.


“We knew our brand needed an overhaul and
the team delivered exactly what we were looking for”

Jon Hopkins, Immunity

“Our click-through rate doubled in a matter of days.
We are so happy with the results!”

Jesse Ware, Devotion