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  • Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is there to cover you when a member of the public or staff gets injured or experiences property damage due to your company. The insurance will protect you and pay off any legal fees or compensation claims if your sued by any member of the public.

What does it cover? 

This insurance can cover up to £10 million depending on the certain level of cover you select, putting your mind to rest knowing that whatever happens, your business is fully covered. 

It will also cover anyone claiming from physical and mental damage, as well as property. Meaning if any accidents occur involving clients or members of the public directly or mentally, your company will be protected. 

If your company happens to be put up against any criminal claims, public liability insurance can cover the costs up to £100,000. 

Why do you need it? 

In the unfortunate events of a customer falling or tripping over on your premises or even somewhere near the activities of your business, they will more than likely try and claim money from you. The amount of money is dependent on how or why the customer may of fallen and you won’t know just how much you could be sued until the case goes to court. 

Public liability insurance will cover all expenses and fees that come from the claim made and you won’t need to stress or worry, leaving you to continue running your business. 

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