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May 10, 2017

Insurance: Why Are Bespoke Support Network Better Than Price Comparison Sites?

Price comparison sites are an extremely quick and popular way of looking at financial products you may need, but what happens when you need more than just out-right financial details? That’s where Bespoke Support Network comes in!

Here are the reasons why Bespoke Support Network is better than price comparison sites:

Face to Face

As clients of the Bespoke Support Network you are not just another customer who we can sell improper insurance to. Once you ring our team asking for help picking the right insurance, we will find the perfect professional to deal with your claim. After we have found the advisor to work with you, you and that advisor will meet face to face or speak over the phone to assist you with your inquiry.

4860344045_cd713eef5c_bExperts in the Field

Bespoke Support Network gives finance and investment services a personal touch; working with the people behind the money rather than just the pennies! We’re not just a computer sorting through insurance quotes; our advisors are all experts in the insurance field and have over 100 years of experience in the sector. That means when you meet any of our advisors you can be assured they know what they’re talking about, and not just trying to sell you the best possible deal. 

More Than Just The Facts

Price comparison sites completely rely on numbers, whereas our advisors work using the knowledge they have gained through years of experience working in this sector. They aim to tell you exactly how the insurance deal you are interested in will affect your life should it be used, and they will also let you know what it entitles you to – unlike price comparison sites!

To find out more about Bespoke Support Network’s financial services and advisors, speak to one of our team on 0300 303 3441.

May 8, 2017

Will your Business Benefit From a Virtual PA?

When running a business often huge projects and responsibilities get in the way of organising your emails, arranging meetings and keeping up to date with your tax, insurance and employee benefits. With a virtual personal assistant, your business can continue to flourish and evolve while you let your very own personal assistant take charge of the administration.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, Bespoke Support Network has put together a list of reasons why your business needs to hire a virtual PA.


As virtual assistants who often work from home they will have flexible working hours, meaning you can usually be in contact with them outside of normal working hours. This flexibility also gives you the chance to hire a virtual assistant that suits your needs as a business.

virtalpa-2178566_960_720Highly Skilled

 Virtual PAs are extremely organised and have a number of skills including competence in Microsoft programs, time management and dedication. With a virtual personal assistant they are able to offer you all these skills and take on the work you give them to save you time.

Good virtual PAs like the team used here at Bespoke Support Network will have been trained to manage your diary with precision and so there’s no need to train them.

Cost Effective

When you hire a virtual personal assistant you only pay for the hours they are productive, which means you don’t pay for the hours wasted by toilet and coffee breaks! In the long run, with a virtual PA you will ultimately save the money you would spend on hiring a physical personal assistant!

Space Saving

Don’t start clearing a spare desk just yet! By hiring a virtual assistant you needn’t make space in your office for the extra worker as they are as it says in the title ‘virtual’! Virtual PAs will work from their own home office and use their own computers, meaning you save money on any extra equipment you may have to buy.

Interested in hiring a virtual personal assistant for your business? Here at Bespoke Support Network we have a number of clients providing virtual PA services in Essex and London. Our team will put you in touch with the virtual PA most suited to your businesses’ specific needs and requirements and then it’s over to you!

To find out more information about our virtual PAs, call 0300 303 3441 and speak to our friendly team.

May 5, 2017

Financial Security for The Younger Generations

In recent surveys, it’s been found that over £400 billion worth of property is to be passed on from grandparents to the younger generation over the next few decades. However even with this amount in mind, a lot of people under 45 are not set to benefit from this.

New research from Royal London has shown that out of 17 million people between the ages of 25 and 44, only 4 million will be likely to inherit property from their grandparents.

To collect this information a report took place involving over 5,600 people from various generations. The research revealed that on average, grandparents were looking to leaving a typical estate, at a value of between £400,000 and £500,000.

Should this ammoney-1175885_960_720ount be left in the wills of 1 million people we could be looking at over £400 billion being passed down across the UK.

However, 50% of these grandparents have said they plan to leave their wealth directly in the hands of their grandchildren.

Due to the current uncertainty around the future state of the economy 62% of people aged between 45 and 64 are expressing concern over the financial position of the younger generation. In conjunction with this 40% of these people feel they are under pressure to pass on wealth.

Are you concerned over your future finances? Relying on the older generations in your family is simply no longer an option which is why Bespoke Support Network are keen to help you firm up your future.

Our team of financial experts can help with any concerns you may have. From planning your future, considering mortgages and savings, to protecting your loved ones by writing a will or looking into life insurance. We can help you to control your future finance and put plans together to ensure your financial security.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our team today on 0300 303 3441.

May 5, 2017

National Life Insurance Day

May 2nd is National Life Insurance Day, celebrating the first day that life insurance became available in the US. Life insurance can be that extra help for your loved ones when they most need support. It can buy them time to grieve and pay off debts and loans, providing your family a chance to move on with a clean financial slate. This could be the chance they need to help fund school education, keep a family business going or even just provide enough income for a family to live on comfortably till they have time to think of their next step.

Here at Bespoke Support Network we understand the importance of having life insurance and believe you should too. Here are just some of the reasons for taking out an insurance policy today:

Protect your loved ones – In the event of your death your loved ones will depend on financial support to help cover any income they may be used to each month. This is especially important when you have young children or adults that could find it difficult to sustain a standard of living if they no longer had your income. Life insurance can help to cover the costs of activities such as cleaning, cooking, childcare and anything else they may

To leave an inheritance – You may not have any assets for your heirs to inherit but by having a life insurance policy you can name them as beneficiaries. This way you will be setting your kids and spouse up for a solid financial future. This will provide for any issues that could arise in the future.

To pay off debts – Life insurance won’t just provide income to cover your everyday lifestyle. Your family will need protection over any outstanding debts that may have been left behind, for example; credit cards, mortgage and car loans. It could also help to cover funeral and burial expenses, as these can easily run into the thousands. You should consider the emotional stresses they will already be experiencing without the added burden of debt and financial issues.

These are just a few of the reasons having a life insurance policy in place could help you and your loved ones in the longrun. If you would like further information or advice on life insurance, please get in touch today or visit our website.

May 4, 2017

May the 4th is National Renewal Day, Do You Need to Renew You Insurance Policies?

Did you know that on May 4th it’s officially National Renewal Day? A day created for new beginnings, symbolising a fresh start. The day itself has highlighted the importance of reviewing your current insurance policies and considering new and more suited guidelines to your lifestyle or business.

Below are some of the reasons that we recommend looking into renewing your insurance

Review your current policy – As mentioned earlier, it’s important to review your current policies. You need to look at the cost of each one and what the small print offers you, should the policy come into place.

You will then need to compare the policy to others on the market. It’s important to remember that if you have been with one policy for a year or more, there are more than likely going to be others on the market similar or even better.

Look for a better deal – You need to ensure that you have chosen the best policy for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the best deal will be the cheapest one. You will need to consider the terms and conditions of each policy.

Make sure it’s up to date and still fits in with your lifestyle – With life changes constantly occurring it’s important that your current policies fall in line with each change that’s been made. For example, having more children could mean that you will need to make changes to your current life insurance policy.

Don’t get caught out – It can be so easy to fall into the auto renew trap. It’s important to note down the date you sign up to a policy and how long it’s valid for before it renews automatically. Should this happen you will be tied in for another period of time without the option to change it.

Here at Bespoke Support Network we understand the time it can take to scroll through numerous policies and to know exactly what each term and condition means. That is why our team of experts can offer you financial advice to ensure you pick the best policy for you. We will put you in touch with trusted professionals that can take the stress out of insurance. Contact us today.

May 2, 2017

Getting Life Insurance After a Serious Illness

Before you pass away, you will want to ensure that you have put measures in place to guarantee that you have protected your loved ones financially. That’s why life insurance, otherwise known as life cover and life assurance, can prevent your family hitting financial trouble.

With life insurance, you choose the amount of cover you will need, how long you need if for and pay your premiums monthly or annually, making it completely personal to you! In return, your family will have the reassurance they need, knowing that if you die while covered by the policy, they would receive a cash sum pay out if a valid claim were made.

However, claiming for life insurance can be made more difficult if you have suffered from a serious illness or are predisposed to a conditionapple-2172165_960_720.

While you may still be able to get life insurance, it all depends on the insurance provider. There will be certain factors that the insurance company will take into consideration, such as the type of illness you had and the likelihood of it returning in addition to how long into your recovery period you are.

For example, an individual in remission from cancer will be unlikely to receive a policy in the first two to three years after illness. They may have been given the all clear, however the risk of an illness returning during this time is still quite high – meaning the more time that elapses after recovery, the more possibility of getting insured.

If you are an individual applying for protection after an illness, insurance companies may require you to undergo a medical examination before accepting your policy. You must be honest about your health with your insurer as they could access your medical records in the future and refuse to pay out if you are found to have given false information.

Getting life insurance can be confusing, especially once you have had a serious illness or suffer from a predisposed condition. That’s why Bespoke Support Network is here to help! BSN’s team of expert advisors will be on hand to support and guide your through the policy finding process, making it easier to find life insurance.

To find out more information about Bespoke Support Network’s services, call 0300 303 3441.

April 30, 2017

Wills in Essex

Are you aware that more than half of the adults in the UK are yet to write a will? Considering the detrimental effects that not having a will can have on your loved ones this is a shocking result.

Our Bespoke Support Network team understand the upset that can be caused when a family is left without a will in place. It may seem like the easy option to put off preparing your will for another day as the process seems long and complex. However, our team of experts will take the hassle out of will writing and offer you advice and guidance alongside the entire process.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the processes involved in wills and estate planning but we can assure you it can be a simple and stress-free experience. To make your life easier it can be a good idea to prepare a checklist of things to consider when writing your will, ready for your meeting with our advisors. Below is a list of things towriting-1209121_960_720 think about:

  • Debts – You will need to make a list of the amount and type of debts that you may owe. This will include credit cards, mortgages, equity loans, student loans and personal debts.
  • Assets – Consider all your assets including real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts and any valuable personal property you have.
  • Beneficiaries – Think about the people you would like certain assets to go to and which members of your family you wish to inherit from your estate. You can include friends, relatives and even organisations that you believe have contributed positively to your life.
  • Executors and guardians – Another important decision will be choosing the executor of the will. This could be a family member or loved one that you know will be able to deal with financial matters and the added stress of sorting through your will. If you have minor children you will also need to consider who you would like your guardian to be. It’s good to think of a couple of options in case your first choice is unable to serve at the time.

If you think that you are ready to prepare a will and want to make the next step, contact our team of experts today. If you are living in we are the perfect team for you.

April 28, 2017

Bespoke Support Network Talks: Protecting Your Will

When you decide to write your will, it’s not very often that you think about the possibility of this document being challenged by a member of your family once you pass. Therefore, it’s so important to take the time to write your will correctly and think about the consequences that it could have on certain family members.

Here at Bespoke Support Network we understand the issues that can arise should someone wish to challenge your will. We also understand how and why this could happen, so here are our tips to protecting your will from being contested.

  • First things first it’s important to word your will carefully. You need to make sure everything is clear and where necessary, it revokes any earlier wills you may have written.
  • If you want to exclude a certain family member or loved one you will want to provide detailed reasons as to why you have done so. This will help to protect your wishes should they want to contest your decision in the future. If needs be you could always prepare a ‘letter of wishes’, which can be used to explain the reasoning behind certain choices to someone if you wish to keep it private.wills-1854169_960_720
  • A very simple tip but crucial all the same is that you will need to make sure that your will meets the requirements of section 9 of the Wills Act 1837 and that it’s signed and witnessed correctly.
  • Where you can it’s important to minimise the risk of someone accusing you of being unduly influenced in the process of writing your will. To do so it helps if you arrange the appointment with the will writer yourself and ensure that when you go to each meeting and sign your will, no one that will benefit from your will is there at the time.
  • There could be questions raised should you be working beyond your means. Our advice is for your GP or doctor to provide written evidence as to your capacity, which will help to prevent issues arising in the future.

Here are just a few of the things you should remember when preparing your will. If you need some further advice or wish to write your will today, then get in touch with a member of our team at Bespoke Support Network.

April 28, 2017

How a Virtual PA can help you?

Are you running your own business? Then you most likely don’t have time to be rushing around running errands and other miscellaneous jobs. A virtual personal assistant can save you important hours in your working week, meaning you can spend more time growing your business.

Most virtual assistants will be employed through a contract or freelance contract that run your administrative tasks from their own office, much like an executive assistant or secretary. Here are some of the jobs Bespoke Network’s virtual PA’s could do for you:


One of the most popular things a virtual assistant can do is keep tabs on your bills and other bookkeeping matters. A lot of small businesses choose to share their bookkeeping systems with their virtual assistants who can follow up on tasks such as outstanding invoices or unpaid bills.

Online Research 

virtualpa-1867758_960_720Maybe you’re heading to a meeting and need research carried out upon the company you are greeting, the place you’re heading or possibly you would like help vetting potential employees, in which case a virtual P.A. could help! A virtual personal assistant would be able to carry out Internet research for these jobs and more on your behalf.

Database Entries 

Whether you have incoming information for existing contacts or you are organising an event for clients, our virtual PA’s are fantastic at managing your current database. 

Manage Emails 

Don’t waste valuable time organising and managing your own emails, our virtual assistants will filter your most important emails and respond to the rest on your behalf. For our team, this type of email management is easy to do remotely but we recommend you provide strict guidance to ensure that you get exactly what you want as everyone likes their emails handled differently.

Could you be in need of a virtual PA? Bespoke Support Network has a team of organised and professional virtual personal assistants who are able to manage all of your administrative tasks for you. To speak to one of the team, call 0300 303 3441.

April 26, 2017

Buying a Home in Essex

While it may come as a shock to some, there is much more to Essex than just questionable spray tans, blindingly white land rovers and Swarovski crystals on every item of clothing.

In fact, this county just outside of London has a number of pretty, seaside towns and up and coming cities waiting to be explored. After you have seen our list of beautiful places to live in Essex, you will want to be buying a house in Essex this year.


One minute you are strolling through a picturesque village with Roman ruins and the next you are walking through a flourishing town with modern cafes and stores; Colchester is a town of opposites.

This town in the East of Essex is known for its history as one of the oldest towns in Britain. With over 2,000 years of history taking place right in the centre of this town, it is full of culture waiting to be explored by visitors; everything from distinctive galleries and museums to award-winning monuments and landmarks.

While Colchester is home to years of heritage, it has flourished into a completely modern town with a range of smallspecialist shops and big name stores to entice even the most passionate of city-goers.


 While Southend may not be the Caribbean beach we all hope for, it definitely gives Brighton a run for its money – with a host of activities for families, from walking down the world’s longest pier to running wild in the famous Adventure Land theme

The seafront has been decorated with the finest, interactive fountains the kids will enjoy playing in and state-of-the-art lighting to guide Southend’s club-goers home.


As one of England’s newest cities, and the very first in Essex, Chelmsford has some tough competition, competing with its sister cities of Bath, York and of course, London. But this small Roman market town has come a long way in the years since. In keeping with its 800-year-old market tradition, Chelmsford is home to a vibrant market square with stores upon stores and nightlife unlike any other in Essex.

Fear not, the city hasn’t abandoned its historical routes altogether! Wandering around the town centre you will find the 15th century Chelmsford cathedral and lying beyond on the centre is Hylands House – a 18th century manor house with miles and miles of parkland, which is also host to V Festival, one of the UK’s biggest music festivals.

Have we enticed you to buy property in Essex this year? Bespoke Support Network’s team of estate professionals can offer support and advice throughout the selling and buying process, providing you with 24/7 when and where you need it.

Get in touch with one of our team today for more information about the services we are able to offer.